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Vulnerable Information Accessible on Old Smartphones Thrown in Trash

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Recently, a digital forensics company did an investigation and found that it is very easy to obtain sensitive information from old smartphones that are either sold as used or thrown away. This was also true even if the previous owner had utilized the factory reset.

The forensics company, Access Data, provided more details on what they found in an interview. In their estimate, 1 out of every 10 phones that have either been recycled, resold or thrown away still contain data. The company did an in-depth digital forensics review of 5 randomly selected smartphones that were purchased on the secondary or used market. The phones varied by manufacturer and included an iPhone 3G, Sanyo 2300, HTC Wildfire, LG Optimus and an HTC Hero. Of the 5 that were reviewed, 2 had not been reset to the default factory settings. These two phones contain information on active account ids and passwords, contacts, and calendar information, all very easy to locate.

All of the Android phones had been wiped, but four of the five phones included information that was still extractable with the right knowledge and tools. The company noted that all 5 of the used phones had some way to identify the location where the device came from either via the serial number or the old telephone number. Four of the five could easily identify the previous owner. Some of the data that was extracted included user account information, Social Security numbers, geo-location tags, deleted text messages and even a resume.

The forensic experts were able to use the geo-tags to get an exact latitude and longitude for the previous owner and find the street view of their home. Another phone revealed a Yahoo email account that the experts were able to use preset ids and passwords to log into via the handset.

Access Data noted that smartphones and tables have fast become a nightmare for both individuals, but also for businesses that are concerned about data breaches. Even though these devices cannot store a great deal of information, they still contain very sensitive data that can be used to access more and more data and information. Especially since the public at large and the business community have not adopted security measures for their mobile devices.

This is particularly troublesome for a business that has employees who use their own personal mobile devices to access the company’s network. It is one thing for a company to attempt to wipe a company owned asset of all data. However, it is very difficult for a company to ensure that an employee has wiped their mobile device before disposing it whether via the trash, resale or recycle. As well, this is coupled with the rapid churn of devices via incentives from the carriers or the advancement of technology that lures individuals to upgrade their device to the next best thing.

Organizations need to put a plan in place to address the best way to delete data before a device is replaced and to work with their employees to have their old devices wiped before they are disposed of in the secondary market. Utilizing aspects like usb encryption will help to deter data breaches.

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Data and Information Security Security Essential When Traveling

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Prior to digital devices and lap top computers became ubiquitous for the business traveler, the issues of traveling safely had been much more about getting your wallet or your passport stolen. Now much more than ever, the expanding concern for all those that travel is concerning the security of their information. But, just as there are lots of kinds of devices to access information or take it with you, there are more threats than many individuals understand to their information security.
There are many actions that may be taken to shield against information theft. Right here are a couple of to think about. Initial, make use of a password on your pc. This really is minimal protection, but at least would stop most laid-back criminals from attempting to steal sensitive info. Some computers permit the user to set up password protection through a screensaver for occasions when the machine is idle, probably the most apparent time that a pc might be stolen.
Second, make sure to encrypt all your files, whether or not on your pc or on disks and flash drives. You will find a number of applications and software programs that permit an individual to encrypt files. Archive utilities like WinZip will permit a user to make encrypted document bundles. Also, keep in mind there might be unencrypted copies or temporary copies on your pc; so becoming diligent about file management will assist also. You will find also methods to encrypt the whole difficult drive through open supply applications or commercial goods. Remember that if your method crashes that it might be challenging to recover encrypted information, so maintain a rescue disk copy somewhere safe and secure that you could access if required.


Whilst traveling, becoming on-line may be the subsequent front which you need to face within the battle to shield your information. This really is extremely accurate for hotel company centers or Web cafes. All of these are locations that location you at danger for losing useful information. In the event you determine that probably the most secure route would be to not travel with your pc, be conscious of the dangers of utilizing a public pc.


Initial off, keystrokes may be recorded and consequently your IDs and passwords may be utilized to access your bank accounts, etc. Additionally, you shouldn’t trust the browser or the e-mail software program that's installed on a public pc system. These may be solved using the use of a secure USB important. With this kind of device, you are able to enter use password protected software program for the use of an onscreen keyboard, which will stop keystroke recording. Also, you are able to maintain a portable version of a Firefox browser on the USB drive to be able to steer clear of utilizing the public computer’s installed browser. USB protection is well worth the expense when traveling. 1 factor to note is the fact that utilizing software program through a USB drive will lead to a slower browser and may be annoying if you're used to fast speeds.
These couple of actions, even though at initial cumbersome will probably be useful whenever you travel to secure your individual information and to provide you with peace of thoughts also.

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Data Security Only Part of Total Security for a Business Executive

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Often times, information security and actual physical security are extremely separate and distinct problems. As such, every of these is much more most likely to be handled by various components of a business. Most frequently, information security is under the management with the CIO or perhaps the CFO, however the physical security of individuals and issues is left towards the facilities individuals who manage the cleaning and upkeep with the physical plant. Much more disparate is the fact that some businesses outsource this physical security to third party vendors.

An Info Assurance Engineer, Darren Wigfield recently stated “There’s no point in getting thorough lock down and difficult passwords and encryption on your servers if individuals can just walk in and take people’s laptops.” He works using the Department of Defense to make sure that the department meets security needs for each information and physical security.

Wigfield analyzes an organization’s security from a holistic approach. He looks at each the network and also the buildings to figure out how protected the business or organization is from either on-line or physical intrusion or theft. Other specialists have noted that the concentrate of be concerned and protection is on the web, but that most businesses miss the overall security picture - that a thief is just as most likely to come through a actual door or window to steal property and private info.

“All everybody worries about now will be the Web,” explained Shane MacDougall, partner at Tactical Intelligence, an info security firm that tests vulnerability and penetration. MacDougall stated that in reality, that is missing the greatest component with the security image. “They’re just as most likely to obtain your information via the back door.” The actual back door, not the virtual 1. He went on to note that he’d frequently encounter poor physical security that may be the catalyst for information security breaches. “When I’ve carried out penetration tests, I’ve discovered network jacks active within the lobby. Frequently they’re not set to a guest VLAN. Or there’s unprotected wireless,” he stated.

The important to security would be to keep in mind that information security is at danger any time that an individual can acquire access to it, whether or not it's more than the web or via an unsecured door or window. Hacking is only 1 problem, but if somebody can plug into a company’s internal network whilst waiting in a reception region or conference space, then it is just as simple to steal the information. An encrypted flash drive is one method to secure data.

Oliver David contributes articles for Lok-it.net and other blogs on subjects such as usb protection.



Guaranteeing Information Safety: Probably The Most Difficult Work For Information Technology Experts

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A ruined marriage or even an accident might be the most disastrous thing that might affect any individual. Yet a good many Information technology experts believe that their inability to safeguard the information of the firm may be lot more irritating for them than an unpleasant breakup or perhaps a small car accident. This is revealed in a current study done by Websense.

More than a 1000 IT experts from different international locations took part in this study and their replies reveal that information security is among the greatest problems confronted by businesses today. Around 60 % of participants thought that their business information is not very safe and may be jeopardized in the foreseeable future. More than 18 % of the participants thought that starting off a brand new career might be less demanding for them compared to being accountable for the safety of the business information.

Even though big institutions take safety steps to safeguard the information, there's always a possibility of information fraud. This may end up being really damaging for the success of the business and may make life of Information technology experts really unpleasant. This type of a scenario may be lot more hard to deal with for any person than dealing with any personal problem. Hence, around 10 % of participants of this study thought that information protection problems may be lot more demanding to deal with than dealing with a divorce process or broken relationships.

Previously, a lot of individuals and institutions had to deal with significant loss because of the thievery of the data. This is why sizeable institutions have independent IT groups to strengthen information safety in business. A lot of institutions also make use of sophisticated resources as well as applications to observe their devices and regulate their system data. This may reduce the potential risks of data thievery.

Data security is an extremely significant issue and it is so imperative that institutions around the globe are prepared to invest a lot of funds in guaranteeing the information as well as network system safety. These days, the funds allocated to safeguarding the company information is viewed as a good investment instead of a pointless expenditure.  This USB flash drive review references a helpful encrypted flash drive to assist in these challenges.


Data Security For Android Users

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Google android mobile phones are quickly becoming preferred among cellular telephone customers. Even though Google android mobile phones offer fantastic overall performance as well as options, business customers must find out about security measures as well as products for Google android cell phones. In this article, we are going to review a number of vital things that could support Google android customers.

Google android customers could also utilize program and solutions designed by Google android mobile phone suppliers such as Motorola company as well as Samsug company. Samsung Company is releasing a safety application referred to as TouchWiz for leading-edge safety for Google android mobile phones. In the same manner, Motorola has bought 3LM and they're concentrating on giving a safety program for just about all kinds of Google an droid devices. These kinds of applications will employ superior data encryption approaches in order to safeguarded the information transfer process. Other things to consider are USB protection.

Business customers must make use of Google android devices which are designed to give basic safety of information. For instance, Motorola company offers numerous mobile phones which are specifically made for business customers. These kinds of devices include fantastic security options and they are best for company work. The Droid Pro by Motorola company is a fantastic case of safe and sound corporate phones.

The Google android phone sector is slowly growing and brands like VMware as well as Open Kernel Labs are striving hard to deliver modern virtual machine solution which is effective at giving sophisticated information safety for Google android devices. Brands like LG as well as Samsung company have declared that they may use this kind of solution inside their Google android devices in the future.

Google android customers could use fantastic cellular device management resources such as Sybase as well as Mobile Iron to guarantee security on the cellular phones. These kinds of solutions offer general security options which allow IT managers to put together plans for information administration as well as safety in Google android devices.

Business customers are utilizing types of applications to guarantee business information security on Google android devices. This can be a very fantastic action to make sure security of vital business information that's used in cellular phones.

Article about data security and Android phones. Data security is an issue with these phones as is hardware authentication.


Encrypted Flash Drive

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Some organizations still allow employees to utilize a non encrypted flash drive to store or transfer records. This is a little like playing Russian roulette. It's not the cost of replacing the lost flash drive that should be important to organizations, it's the accompanying costs.