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Spikes in Theft of Patient Healthcare Data

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2011 has observed a spike inside the theft of patient data at the same time as the hacking of a lot of private and public wellness care associated databases. This really is not simply distressing for the patients who may possibly have had their sensitive data stolen, but additionally for the personnel and healthcare organizations which are responsible for permitting sensitive supplies to become taken.

Lately, thousands of UCLA Health System patients located out that they may possibly be at threat for identity theft due the theft of a challenging drive filled with patient's private data. A lot of occasions when challenging drives as well as other laptop or computer equipment is not very easily accounted for or is allowed to become taken off of the premises, they're either hacked into or stolen as a way to acquire, social security numbers, bank account data as well as other secure information. In this certain case, the challenging drive was taken for the duration of a burglary of a physician's property. The hard drive was encrypted, but a piece of paper that was sitting subsequent towards the laptop or computer was also missing. This piece of paper contained all of the passwords as well as other crucial data necessary to access the information.

The stolen data included names, birth dates, medical record numbers, addresses, private medical data that dated back to July 2007. Medical facility officials say it will not incorporate Social Security numbers, credit card or insurance particulars.

The hospital began to notify patients that their data may possibly happen to be taken and may be utilised in some manner by criminals. The wellness care IT officials stressed that it was quite unlikely that the data had been misused. Even so, they did recommend that the patients get in touch with information security firms to become specific that absolutely nothing illegal had occurred with their economic, medical and private information.

Like a lot of organizations that do not have plans in location plus a strategy to combat this theft, the organization located it needed to give assurances that the patients shouldn't be concerned and that inside the future far more layers of cyber security will be put into location as a way to keep their trust.

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Cyber Security Planning Tool For Small Businesses

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In an interesting discussion at this year's Gartner Symposium, Gartner professional McGee provided some invaluable information regarding how various organizations should think in a different way and try to bring the required change inside their companies. McGee mentioned that Chief nformation officers must take daring measures and alter the way in which things are done in the past. McGee pointed out lots of activities that must be removed from the regular Information technology system to help make it more productive.

Let's discuss these activities in more detail. McGee stated that CIOs need to make certain that Information Technology finances are used in line with the CEO’s strategic aims. If certain IT plans aren't contributing to business success, then they must be identified as well as removed right away.

CIOs should make certain that their IT perspective is based on the goals established by the Chief executive officer of the enterprise. McGee pointed out that many Chief information officers use plenty of resources for huge plans that don't contribute to organizational growth for the long term. Today's IT budgets include money for new hardware, software and software licenses, upgrades to hardware, training, data security (such as hardware authentification and usb encryption).

Thus, CIOs must ensure right accountability for Information technology spending. They must take actions to find as well as remove existing software that doesn't provide any kind of quantifiable benefit. For instance, quite a few establishments use lots of funds on central management systems that don't do any good to the firms. McGee pointed out that IT must offer proper support to firms and stop causing disruptions in the business venture environment. He explained that instead of offering weaker help in the form of level 1 or 2 IT support,IT teams must concentrate on giving good quality service to organizations.

He also stated that IT teams must eliminate the chargeback programs that aren't practical. He said that Chief nformation officers must stop delaying critical IT assignments and direct their time and efforts in making a positive contribution inside the enterprise. McGee’s recommended alterations are certainly required by today’s business enterprise setting where every single sector of the organization has to strengthen its output. Many firms have lowered their Information technology spending budgets and IT divisions have the additional job of giving extended support within reduced operating budgets. This particular objective could only be attained if CIOs take drastic actions to enhance IT productivity.

Article highlights the need for IT budget review processes in today's economic environment. Today's IT budgets include money for upgrades to hardware training, data security (such as hardware authentification and usb encryption). Reviews of various IT products such as flash drives would help IT budgeting.



The Importance of the Encrypted USB Flash Drive in Healthcare

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Medical records nowadays are being collected, stored and distributed in different ways. The problem is that once it reaches a certain storage device, different kinds of intrusion attacks might happen. In a network setup, these attacks are avoidable through the use of a network security mechanism like a firewall, in which high level of protection and authentication is applied. But what if the data resides on a non encrypted flash drive?  Will it still be safe from malicious attacks?

Medical records’ security on portable storage devices like USB flash drives is an issue that should be considered because it can cause considerable damage if confidential data are disclosed or maliciously altered. High levels of security should be implemented so that hackers will not be able to access the data inside the flash drives.

You should also remember that unauthorized access by medical employees is possible. Especially if that employee has hidden interests for the data, then he can alter or replicate it to cause damages. In most cases, a password- protected USB flash drive will be enough to maintain the data’s integrity. But if a skilled hacker comes into the scene then you will need a more powerful security feature.

To respond with the dire need of security mechanisms on USB flash drives, security development is being done continually and many are already available in the market. There are varieties of solutions in which you can choose from and they implement different authentication protocols to maintain the integrity of the medical records inside an encrypted flash drive. A high level of security is a must if you want to protect your data from higher level of attacks.

By now, you should already realize that no data should be left unprotected especially concerning healthcare records. That data is the basis of medical treatments and life-saving actions by medical staff, so if they are altered maliciously then many lives are in jeopardy. If they are exposed without consent then the confidentiality and privacy are violated.

Enjoying the benefit of data portability by using flash drives comes with a greater responsibility of protecting them from possible attacks. You can achieve this in many ways but keep in mind that every security feature has its advantages and disadvantages. You should analyze them properly so that you can provide the best possible security for their medical records.